Technical intervention

Maintenance and repairs

ZTZ Logistics carries out all maintenance and repairs to earthmoving and mining machines. Our mechanics inspect machines according to a detailed inspection form, after which maintenance and repairs are carried out in accordance to the correct factory schedules and regulations.

Own workshop

Diagnostic equipment is available in ZTZ Logistics' own workshop. This equipment allows us to analyse machine computers, offering us insights into maintenance requirements for specific parts. By doing so, the product status will be mapped out: all data is read out and shared with the client. In principle, every machine is in need of maintenance every 500 hours. Sheet metal work and welding can also be carried out in ZTZ Logistics' own metal workshop. 

One of the things we do in the workshop is fixing defects, this includes repairing leaks, correcting imperfections in frame parts, boring in the case of widening or repairing holes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary means and materials to provide a full service maintenance.

‘Rebuild' of machines

The rebuilding of machines is also done in our own workshop. This includes the disassembly or assembly of parts of machines, for example for container stuffing. Even when machines are too large for transport, we ensure that they are suitably prepared for an efficient transport. If desired, a machine can be provided with an extra hydraulic function, so that certain hydraulically operated work tools can be attached to the machine. It is also possible to install an automatic lubrication system or GPS system.

Preparing for sale

Used machines are inspected. During these inspections, pictures are taken of all parts that need to be repaired or replaced. After completion of this inspection, a complete inspection report is provided, including photos and a detailed quotation. Based on this information, the client may give the go-ahead for possible repairs. After completion of the work, new photos of the machine will be sent. This ensures that our clients will always be involved, even remotely. Moreover, machines can easily be offered for sale again after maintenance.


Technical intervention