Assembly / disassembly

Adaptation of machines

Performing modifications to machines is a big part of our daily activities. We do the assembling or disassembling of arms, trees, tracks, hydraulic functions or the implementation of optional systems. The professional assembly and disassembly of machine parts is the basis of the all-in-service that ZTZ Logistics offers. Machines are carefully dismantled for thorough cleaning and once all compartments have been cleaned, the machine is returned to its original condition.

Modifications to machines are also carried out on site, for example in preparation for transport. Our experienced service technicians and well-equipped service vans ensure that we can carry out our work anywhere.

Container stuffing

When compact transport is required, for example for the shipment of heavy equipment, ZTZ Logistics can provide the right support. Your equipment is professionally dismantled so that it can be transported in standard containers. In addition, ZTZ Logistics offers an optional thorough cleaning of the machines before they are dismantled.

Adaptation of equipment

Conversion of machines
Depending on the client's wishes, we can attach options and parts to machines. Standard machines can be extended with certain parts, depending on the purpose and projects for which the machines are used.

For instance, consider:

  • Preparing machines for forestry by installing counterweights, a cabin protector
  • and/or additional hydraulic functions.
  • Prepare machines for waste-handling by installing a filter system and an additional overpressure system.
  • Preparing machines for mining by adding a hammer function and cabin protection.

Safety first

Apart from the examples mentioned above, ZTZ Logistics specialises in providing the appropriate safety measures for each type of project. For instance, we can provide the installation of cameras, hose breakage valves, forest protection for cabins, travel alarms or a fire extinguishing system. Safety comes first!