Exceptional transport

Expert in the field of exceptional transport

ZTZ Logistics has all the required expertise to manage exceptional transport. We speak of exceptional transport when goods for transportation are especially heavy, wide, high and/or long. With such dimensions and weights, transport becomes a lot more complicated than a straightforward journey from A to B.

For instance, there are viaducts that cannot be crossed with transports of an exceptional height, there are bridges that have a weight
limit and roads that you cannot drive on when the transport is too wide. Our planners are well aware of these routes and possess the required expertise to deal with the challenge. And if we are not yet familiar with the route, ZTZ will carry out a route survey before applying for any necessary exemptions or permits.

Transport from A to Z

We do not only take care of the transport itself, ZTZ Logistics also takes care of everything around it. For example, we arrange certain permits or exemptions, depending on where the
transport is headed. Both our planners and our drivers have specialist knowledge of the
machines that are transported (and the associated securing of the load in accordance with the VDI2700 and EN12195 standards), the most suitable routes, permits and safety standards associated with exceptional transport.

All transports possible

ZTZ Logistics specialises in the transport and distribution of self-propelled machines on tyres
or tracks weighing up to 125 tonnes. Such machines are often intended for road
construction, industry or agriculture. However, we have an extensive trailer and vehicle fleet
to carry out all types of transport. Are you looking for a party that can help you transport your goods? ZTZ Logistics can help you!