35,000 m² storage space

ZTZ Logistics offers 35,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor storage space. The space is mainly used for the storage of machines and machine parts, but is suitable for all types of storage. Are you looking for a well-sealed and secure storage place for your goods? Then do feel free to contact ZTZ Logistics at any time!

One-stop-shop principle

When you rent storage space from ZTZ Logistics, you experience the advantages of the 'one-stop-shop' principle. Not only will you be able to make use of our secure and well-maintained storage space, ZTZ Logistics also takes care of the maintenance and transport of machines. The use of overhead cranes, among other things, makes it possible to move and store large static parts. ZTZ Logistics specialises in the storage, maintenance and transport of exceptionally large machines and materials.

Bonded Free Zone

Goods that have not yet been cleared and therefore have not yet received custom clearance are under customs supervision. These goods can be stored in the 'Bonded Free Zone' storage area. The goods will be reported to Customs, but do not have to be registered in the interim. ZTZ Logistics has the necessary AEO certificates, which means that there is a collaboration with customs, with shared responsibility for the safety of incoming and outgoing goods.

Control and security

Each item is photographed upon entry of goods. When goods are expedited, this is done again to ensure that it is always possible to check whether there is a difference between the moment of entry and the moment of expedition. The photos are uploaded onto the dedicated online portal, where you, as the owner, can track your goods and stock remotely.